Chappelle Gets His Show Pulled

Dave Chappelle took to Instagram pleading with fans to be his voice in a recent business dispute. Chappelle explained that Viacom CBS was licensing his show, Chappelle’s Show, without paying him for his work. He also mentioned this complaint during his monologue on Saturday Night Live. ViacomCBS owns Comedy Central, who originally aired the sketch series.

Dave Chappelle’s Unforgiven

Netflix paid ViacomCBS for the license, and fans rejoiced. Viewers rolled in, putting the series on Netflix’s trending list. But after the Instagram post and following fan petitions, Netflix has decided to pull the show from their library. The show is still apart of HBO Max, with no word from Warner Bros on whether they will remove the series as well.

Dave Chappelle at Iowa State University

This is one of the many new concerns in an evolving TV landscape. Many actors live out their lives off of residuals. When a re-run is aired, they get a piece. How does that work with a streaming service? As we transition into a new era of home entertainment, the industry will need to change how they pay their actors. Chappelle has the fan base to affect change, we will see if he does.

Dave Chappelle on SNL

Sources: Variety, Deadline

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