AEE Disbanded

As readers and listeners are aware, we’ve been working with All Everything Entertainment for the last couple of months. AEE is a network of content creators that gather their work together in one location. The idea is to share each other’s content and gain a bigger audience. These networks are common in the podcast world, and Geek Freaks happens to be apart of a few different networks. AEE is unique because it includes our articles as well.

Unfortunately, AEE has disbanded. The reason is not really important. What is important is Geek Freaks content will no longer be on their site…because it no longer exists. Luckily, you’re on! We will continue to write our articles and post them right here!

We wish all the creators of the former AEE the best of luck and hope they find a new home. Their dedication to quality impressed me. We have learned so much in our short time with them, especially better optimizing our articles for Google.

On a personal note, due to illness, we have not put new articles up for a couple of days. We should be feeling up to it on Monday. Thank you for your patience!

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