Geek Freaks’ 2021 Plans

Every year, we at Geek Freaks get together and discuss the previous year and goals for the next year. In the past, these discussions have brought on the reboot of the podcast, the upgrade to our website, and dedication to conventions. With 2021, our new focus is on expansion. We have a dedicated team, and each member has their own unique passions. This year, we share them with you.


The biggest addition this year is the launch of three new shows. The best part is, you don’t have to subscribe to a new podcast. All our new shows will be on the Geek Freaks feed. Also, our main show, News of the Week, is here to stay. So is Level Up, with Assassin’s Creed: Origins next on the docket. Now, let’s talk about what’s new!

Push to Talk

Push to Talk is hosted by Squeaks (Eddie Martin) and is a free-form show with rotating guests. He starts each episode with the Geek Box which asks a couple of random open-ended questions. He then dives into the week’s topic or interviews the special guest. Topics will range from fun questions that spark conversations to deep dives into the biggest issues in the geekdom. The pilot episode topic is “Favorite Game of Each Generation” and was a blast to make.

Captain’s Log is lead by Jon Lourence. He will be reviewing every episode of Star Trek… every episode. These 10-minute episodes will be immediate reactions after his viewing. Some are revisits to favorites and others will be first-time watches. He will discuss the events of the episode and follow it up with his thoughts. The short episodes make them the perfect companion for your next Star Trek binge. Captain’s Log will premiere on our YouTube channel then join the podcast feed later this year.

The third new show is in early development. Frank Lourence will host a new “after show” that will follow some of the biggest series from Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, and much more. The 20-minute shows will have a short review, impressions, and additional information to help you better appreciate the series you already love. This new show will be coming closer to summer 2021.


YouTube has been our testing grounds. We would try out new edits, show ideas, or streams without worrying about the numbers. This year, we are stepping it up! YouTube will continue to have video versions of the podcast but will also have exclusive content. The first will be the premiere of Captain’s Log. You will only find the Logs on YouTube for the first two months before they join the podcast feed. Another new YouTube series is Top 5. Long time listeners know our roots are in making Top 5 lists for many different subjects. Now that Geek Freaks has evolved, we don’t get to do enough Top 5s. Well not anymore. Top 5 will be short videos spanning all of the geekdom covering our Top 5s and invite viewers to share their favorites. We have a couple more projects in the works, but they are too early in development to share many details. We are excited to bring you more video content!

Geek Freaks on YouTube


The site has become a major aspect of Geek Freaks. When discussing Geek Freaks with big brands, they bring up the site often. It’s exciting to see so much interest in Last year it grew and went through a much-needed redesign. This year we are going to make the site even more accessible. We will be taking advantage of multiple pages to share information in more diverse formats. The core articles are here to stay and will continue to be the source material for our News of the Week podcast. You can find the articles on the home page. We will be changing the YouTube and Podcast pages to better spotlight the additional content coming in the future. A social media hub page will be a one-stop location for the latest Geek Freaks posts. If we share fan art on Instagram, it might not make it to Twitter. The Hub will be your place to find it all. Our show and event schedule will get its own page as well. We have detailed calendars with releases and recording, and we will start sharing those with you all! The site’s additions will be added throughout the year.

Social Media

Social media has been a place to chat with listeners, fellow podcasters, and sources. But, we have been lacking on a big one, Facebook. Jon has taken the lead and founded the Geek Freak Group. In the group, you can share whatever is going on with you from the latest game you’re playing to that comic you are super into. We will be posting the latest updates about the podcast, our article, new episodes, and whatever cool geek stuff that has us hyped. Across all social media, we will be sharing more fanart, polls, and clips. We love hanging out with you all on socials and want to kick it into a new gear.

Thank You!

2021 is a year of hope and excitement. We want to take this new year by storm. We appreciate our listeners so much and look forward to bringing you more Geek Freaks!

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