Cephalopod – Beta Review

A new podcast app is on the horizon, poised to change the game. Cephalopod is a new app coming out of beta soon for Android devices with iPhone release coming later! We were lucky enough to try out the beta; for our full review check out our latest episode.

The most important feature of a new podcast player is…the player. Cephalopod has large controls making it easy to navigate at a glance. If you’re like me, you listen while you drive. You don’t have time to stare at your phone to find the rewind. Not a problem on this app. The display is also natively in a “dark mode.” The grey-navy background with bright green controls are clear and easy on the eyes. The last vital player feature is the option to download the pod for later listens. Many current players do not offer this simple option. It’s nice to download the next couple of episodes before entering your office building with little cell service.

Searching for your next favorite podcast is a breeze. On the home screen, press the big green “+” then you are taken to an explore page. This is unique to Cephalopod because it combines a search bar, featured section, and category browser on the same page. The search works as expected, offering similar names if you are not exact. Featured is not available yet but will presumably offer you some of the hottest trending podcasts. The best part is the categories. If you’re in the mood for a gaming podcast, hit “Gaming.” You are then greeted by a plethora of podcasts tailored to your video game needs.

Once you have a podcast picked out, subscribe and the show will be added to your home page. On the show’s page, you can find all their social media links, list of episodes, subscriber count, and claimer count. The socials make it easy to interact with the hosts of the podcast. In the episode list, you can also scroll through the descriptions. Having the full descriptions on the same page as the episode list is a quality of life improvement. The subscriber count lets you know how many others are enjoying the same show. Lastly, and most importantly, is the claimer count. You can click on “Claimers” and open a list of the hosts of the show. Click on a host to view their profile. Profiles let you connect with others in the podcast community. The profile is broken down between User and Creator.

Last are the badges! Badges and tokens will be an upcoming feature that will support creators and give users exclusives and affiliate offers. We will be reviewing the Badges when the feature is available. Geek Freaks is most excited about this feature and what it means for our listeners. We will be offering exclusive only obtainable through Cephalopod!

To celebrate the launch of Cephalopod, we are doing a giveaway. Download the app once available this Friday, subscribe to Geek Freaks, and send a picture through our socials or TheGeekFreaksPodcast@gmaill.com. We will mail you three of our Geekdom Shield stickers with a thank-you card from us. We’ll be giving out stickers throughout January. Let’s hang out on the podcast app of the future!

Grab the Cephalopod app here!

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