Disneyland to Become COVID-19 Vaccine Super-Site

Disneyland becomes a super Point-of-Dispensing site for the COVID-19 vaccine this week. This will be the first super POD in Orange County. There are plans to also use the Dodger Stadium and Staple Center over the next couple of weeks.

Orange County health officials will be using Disneyland’s massive parking lots for the endeavor. The park and shops will close during the process to free up as much space as possible.

“Disneyland Resort is proud to help support Orange County and the City of Anaheim with the use of our parking lot, and we are grateful for all of their efforts to combat COVID-19. After a year in which so many in our community have faced unprecedented hardship and uncertainty, there is now reason for optimism with the administration of a vaccine.”

Dr. Pamela Hymel – Disneyland Resort’s chief medical officer

Disneyland was hit hard by the stay at home orders issued early in the pandemic. Disney had to layoff 32,000 employees, primarily from parks, through 2020. Them becoming the site for mass vaccination is a sign of hope on the horizon. The fact that the “happiest place on earth” will be a hub for vaccination is a poetic conclusion to Disney’s pandemic struggles.

Sources: Patch, Deadline

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