Chris Evans May Return as Captain America

Chris Evans

According to Deadline sources, Chris Evans may be returning to the MCU as Captain America. Nothing is finalized, and the sources are unnamed, but Deadline has a history of reporting accurate rumors and leaks. Marvel is also not commenting on the rumor. The question everyone is asking is, “How would Steve Rodgers come back?” Let’s take a look.

Loki Deaths

Characters coming back is one of the oldest traditions in comics. A Lazarus Pit or universe punching Superboy Prime can bring long-dead characters to life with no questions asked. There are problems with doing this though. We are emotionally invested in the death of the character. Think Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When he first died, it was a bit of redemption and forgiveness from his brother. But Loki has returned and died again a few more times. In Avengers: Infinity War, his death was mostly numb. And still, we have a Loki series coming later this year. When Cap gave up the shield it was an emotional goodbye to Steve Rodgers and welcoming to our new Falcon Captain America. If some comic book magic brings back Steve Rodger it will negate Falcon, nullify Rodger’s goodbye, and extend an exhausted character. So Marvel will need to be careful in bringing back the OG Cap.

At the end of Avengers: Endgame, we see Steve went back to live with Peggy Carter. He lived his life out until he was an old man at the time of the film. We could get a version of Captain America that fought threats in a post-war America. Imagine Cap breaching a Soviet Russia, defending Civil Rights in the 60s, or dealing with the duality of his identity during the Vietnam War. Captain America could “Forest Gump” through history, being there at all our pivotal moments. This is my favorite option, but there is one more to mention.

From the final page of Spider-Man: Life Story #1

Just as Guardians of the Galaxy opened the Galatic door for the MCU, Wandavision is bringing in Multiverse. It’s been hinted at in the past but Wandavision will be widening our understanding of the phenomenon in the MCU. The Doctor Strange sequel and possibly Spider-Man 3 will rely on the Multiverse. They could also use this comic staple to bring back Captain America. A Captain from another universe could show up needing help. His world could be facing our next “big bad” and the new Avengers join him to save his world. Captain America with a slightly different backstory could be very fun. What if he was unfrozen 10 years earlier, lost an arm like Bucky, or recovered by a rival nation. The options are wide open.

The return of Chris Evans has the Marvel fandom a buzz. When Marvel confirms the casting we will update this article. How do you want to see Steve Rodgers come back? Let us know in the comments or on our socials!

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