Epic Games Working on Film

According to Deadline, Epic Games will be making their first animated film. The project will be based on the Mesopotamian hero, Gilgamesh.

Epic will be working with Latin America studio Hook Up. FilmShark and DuermeVela will be assisting with development. This is part of Epic’s MegaGrant program, first launched in 2019. The $100M program was created to support creators in developing games, entertainment, education, or other enterprises using the Unreal Engine. The Gilgamesh film will use Unreal Engine 4, same as Fortnite.

Gilgamesh was a legendary king that became an immortal hero through many adventures. The Epic of Gilgamesh is believed to be the oldest surviving literature, written in 2100 BC.

We were fortunate to interview comic book writer Ahmed Alameen, who wrote about Gilgamesh’s companion Enkidu. Check out the episode below.

Sources: Deadline

Image: FilmShark

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