GameStop Short Squeeze Film in the Works

The last couple of weeks have been intense for stock market participants as Reddit users flipped the game on its head. Hedge fund managers and news pundits are not the only ones who have notices, so has Netflix.

Mark Boal

According to Deadline, Netflix is finalizing a deal to make a movie based on the GameStop Short Squeeze. Mark Boal of ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and ‘The Hurt Locker’ is projected to be the writer. Boal is well known for telling the story of large events through the eyes of the people involved. Giving us the human side of events and not just facts and spectacle.

Noah Centineo

Noah Centineo is already on board to play a major role, presumably as the Reddit pioneer. Noah recently made news when he joined ‘Black Adam’ as Atom Smasher. There are many early participants in the Short Squeeze but no one face of the movement. By its nature, Reddit is a crowd-sourced environment with many voices joining together as a mass of growing opinions. Centineo’s character will likely be a near-fictional person participating in the Reddit push. Someone who represents the many involved.

The question on everyone’s mind is what stance will the film take? Every story has heroes and villains, but what side will be treated as heroic? For those who have lived and worked within the status quo, the Reddit community is a dangerous group of reckless youths. On the opposite side, it’s the regular citizen and struggling college student getting their fair piece of the pie. Showing the old society that times are changing. Personally, I’m with the Reddit users (AMC to the Moon!) but will a massive company like Netflix side with a new generation?

We will keep you updated as development continues.

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