Microsoft’s Acquisition of Bethesda is Complete

After an extensive process, Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media is complete. This includes ZeniMax’s most prominent studio, Bethesda. The finalization of the deal follows the approval of the European Commission on March 8th. Microsoft is paying $7.5 billion but bolsters their library to 23 first-party titles.

Much like Mojang and Rare, Bethesda will keep their leadership. They will continue developing future projects, including Elder Scrolls 6, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and ESO updates. Microsoft also stated some future games will be exclusive to Xbox and PC. This is a clarification following initial reports of games continuing to release on all platforms.

Based on what Microsoft has done with Rare and Mojang, we can expect great things from Bethesda. We will keep you updated as the announcements continue.

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