New Xbox Gold Policy and Controllers

Xbox has been busy this morning. We first learned they are changing some policies for Xbox Gold and releasing two new controllers.

Currently in testing, Xbox users will soon be able to play Free-to-play games with friends without having Xbox Gold. You can create parties and voice chat for free as well. Games like Fortnite and Rocket League will benefit from these new perks as they are free to play, but were behind the Xbox Gold paywall. New Xbox owners can now jump right in without signing up for a sub.

The new controllers are Electric Wolt and Daystrike Camo. Electric Volt is a vibrant lime green/yellow. Great for homes with many kids and controllers. You won’t lose this one. Daystike Camo has a mix of reds and greys. The red buttons and sticks are very appealing. Xbox has been active in giving players new controllers while PlayStation has been slow to release variants.

Source: Xbox Wire

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