Netflix Signs Exclusive Deal with Sony Pictures

After two years of negotiations and competing bids, Netflix has secured the rights to stream Sony films after theatric release starting 2022. Previously, Sony’s films were distributed on the Stars network. Sony clarifies these are films after their typical theatric release and any films made for Netflix directly are in addition to this new partnership.

With delays and current production schedules, 2022 is set to be a banner year for Sony. Morbius, Spider-Verse 2, Uncharted, and Escape Room2 are confirmed for 2022. Other films not yet confirmed but could be released in 2022 are Jumanji 4, Masters of the Universe, Bloodshot 2, and Bad Boys 4.

This deal helps Netlfix in a newly crowded streaming market. They have lost many shows to new streaming services from the companies that make the content. We do not have specifics on the deal yet, but Variety suspects the deal is for five years and worth hundreds of millions.

Source: Variety, Wiki

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