PS5 and Xbox Adding New Features

Both next-gen consoles have major feature updates coming soon.  


  • Quick Resume games are now automatically grouped for easy access.
    • Xbox is looking at adding additional quick resume management features in the future.
  • Dynamic backgrounds will be added to your home screen.


  • Expanded USB storage capabilities.
    • You can not play the games on the extended storage, but they can be copied back over quickly.
  • Cross-gen Share Play.
    • You can now share your screen with your PS4 friends while chatting in a group. 
  • Join a friends game. 
    • A PC game staple, PS5 users can request to join a friend’s game instead of being invited beforehand. 
  • Additional features for the PlayStation App.
    • Manage PS5 storage
    • Compare trophies
    • Join multiplayer sessions
    • Sort and Filter the PlayStation Store

A recent leak may have revealed a new feature in the works. Sony accidentally uploaded an image of a logo for “PlayStation Plus Video Pass.” The image was uploaded to Sony’s official site before quickly being removed, giving the leak validity. The new feature could be a Sony movie streaming capability added to the PlayStation Plus subscription service. This is counterintuitive to Sony’s latest deal with Netflix for streaming rights and Disney Plus for the Sony/Marvel streaming rights. Sony’s only comment on the leak is that it’s a “test service.”

These updates are the first of many that will shape this console generation. GameSpot readers were asked what feature they want to be added to the PS5. 72% voted for PS1-PS3 games on the PSN. We may see PlayStation head to the player’s call and add the feature in a future update. What feature do you want to see added to PS5 or Xbox Series X/S?

Source: VGC, PlayStation Blog, @klobrille Twitter Account

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