Josh Fight!

It’s time. Time to determine the ultimate Josh. Joshes must gather for a battle royal to determine the one true Josh.

This may sound ridiculous, but it was the premise that brought together hundreds of Joshes from across the country to Lincoln, Nebraska. Armed with pool noodles, the Joshes fought in Air Park. Even cheering supporters wearing “I Love Josh” shirts rooted for their favorites Joshes. This event is internet gold, like the Area-51 raid and GameStop Stonks, but how did it start?

An Arizona college student, Josh Swain, started a Facebook message group to random other Joshes. He posted this message:

After a year of messages and growing fandom on Tik Tok, the event went from a joke to reality.

The Joshes met on April 24th at the Air Park of Lincoln. The original Josh Swaim wore a shirt with his name on it. Another Josh Swaim challenged him to a “fight” for the title, “Original Josh Swaim.” After a heated Rock, Paper, Scissor match, the Josh of Arizona rose the victor.

It was then time for the battle! Nearly 2,000 Joshes swung colorful pool noodles at each other. The warriors came prepared with Jedi outfits, a couple of Spider-men, and countless capes. In the end, a four-year-old named Josh “Little Josh” Vinson Jr. was the winner. He was given a crown, trophy, interviewed by the local news, and hoisted high with everyone chanting “Little Josh, Little Josh.”

This is the best of the internet. A fun community created out of a simple premise. They came together to have fun, but also do some good. There was a successful canned food drive with roughly 300 pounds of food donated. And $8,000 was raised for the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center Foundation in Omaha.

Congratulations to the one true Josh, Josh “Little Josh” Vinson Jr, and thank you to Josh Swaim for creating this wonderful event.

Special thanks to Lincoln’s Journal Star for the coverage of Josh Fight. The pictures shown are from them. Please check out their site for the full story.

Source: Journal Star

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