Diablo Immortal Coming This Year

After a long wait, we now have confirmation Diablo Immortal is coming in late 2021. On May 4th, Blizzard released their First Quarter 2021 Results. Under the Blizzard segment, the results state Diablo Immortal has nearly completed its testing and is expected “later this year.”

Clip from Activision Blizzard First Quarter 2021 Results

Diablo Immortal is a dungeon crawler with a similar playstyle and graphics to Diablo 3. It is being developed with NetEase for mobile devices. It was announced at 2018’s BlizzCon, where it famously received “boos” from an angry crowd. Attendees wanted a Diablo 4 announcement and felt like a mobile game was just a distraction and cash-grab.

Diablo Immortal

We had a chance to test Diablo Immortal several times since the games announcement. The gameplay is smoot, especially for those already familiar with the Diablo titles. The graphics are similar to many of Japan’s “gotcha” games that are so common today. Diablo Immortal is a solid game, but will likely be played by non-Diablo players. I will play it, but Diablo 4 is coming soon and will take all of my attention.

Sources: Activision Blizzard First Quarter 2021 Results

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