PlayStation Patent Could Bring eSports Gambling

PlayStation may be getting into the gambling business. A recently submitted patent for a new PlayStation technology would give players the ability to bet on eSports. The system would allow bets using money, cryptocurrency, NFT rights, or in-game items.

PlayStation’s potential gambling system will use AI learning to generate odds based on player history and current performance. The software may also be on PC as well as Sony’s consoles. This is only a submitted patent and may never be released.

Selection from Sony’s Patent Filing

Sony has been pushing eSports over the last year. They have the Competition Center that invites players to participate in tournaments. Recently they purchased an eSports fighting event called Evo. They also have a plethora of competition games like Gran Turismo, Overwatch, and Fortnite available on PlayStation 4 and 5. Adding gambling to their eSports portfolio further proves their investments into the sport.

eSports is a booming market. It was once in the fringes, only seen on Twitch or at gaming conventions. eSports is an industry all its own now, with massive leagues, arenas, sponsors, and enthusiastic fans. Those fans are beginning to age alongside the entire gaming fanbase. With the additional income of a work-life, fans can start putting money into their hobby.

Should gambling join the eSports world? Should PlayStation participate in gambling’s introduction? Let us know in the comments.

Source: WIPO IP Portal, Michael Swaim of IGN

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