TimeSplitters 4 on the Way!

TimeSplitters fans rejoice! Deep Silver Studio, announced they are working on Timesplitters 4. The message explains they are in the early process and assembling a development team for the game.

Orginal developers, Free Radical Design, are rejoining to bring back the fan-favorite. Founded by David Doak and Steve Ellis, they made the first title and co-created the sequel.

TimeSplitters is a first-person shooter first released in 2000. The game is often compared to 007: Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, but stands alone with an abundance of humor and time travel shenanigans. Icon scenes from the series include shooting through portals to the future to help yourself later, teaming up with your past/future self, and of course the awkward but well-timed elevator scenes.

We will keep you updated with TimeSplitters’ development. Are you excited to return to TimeSplitters? Let us know in the comments!

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