Guardians of the Galaxy Game is on the Way

According to trusted YouTuber, Jeff Grubb of Game Mess, a Guardians of the Galaxy game is on the way. The game will be published by Square Enix and developed by Crystal Dynamics. That’s the team that made 2020’s Marvel’s Avengers.

The Guardians of the Galaxy IP opens up the wide cosmic world of Marvel. They can be the doorway to an array of villains and alien conflict. The team’s makeup lends itself well to the team dynamics of the Avengers game.

Avengers was plagued with bugs but was fun to play and had an engaging story. You start as Ms. Marvel and slowly gather additional Avengers as you attempt to stop A.I.M. With Guardians, you can follow a similar formula. Start as Star Lord, find Rocket and Groot, and eventually assemble the entire team to take on the cosmic bad guy.

This would also launch near the release of the third Guardians movie, boosting sales. We will hopefully gain additional details at E3.

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