Horizon Forbidden West and Its 30 fps


Sony showed off 14 minutes of gameplay for the upcoming Horizon Fortbidden West game. The visuals were stunning, clear upgrades to gameplay, and new characters to meet. Unfortunately, all the upgrades are being deafened by the game’s 30 fps.

Most players expect every first-party game on the next-gen consoles to run a minimum of 60 fps. The higher frames make for a far smoother game. Recently, some games, Like Spider-Man, have come with the option to focus on graphical quality or higher frames. One of the obvious signs of lower frames is a motion blur on quick turns or actions. When you make to upgrade, those mostly vanish. When compared side by side, you notice little things like breathing, subtle movements, and the wind’s effects on the environment are all much smoother and life-like.

I personally would rather have beautiful graphics and lighting. I believe the PS5 can handle better graphics and 60 fps, so I’m confused why Sony would release a tentpole game without both. But if I’m being honest, I don’t notice the 30 fps unless it’s pointed out to me. I do however stop to admire the lighting and some sharp environments. While I believe this game should be 60 fps, I think most people are overdoing it on their reactions. Let’s voice our opinion and still praise the hard-working developers that built this beautiful world.

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