Lets Tour E3 2021

Today we get our first peek at the E3 Portal, where virtual attendees can visit exhibitor’s booths. You can check out the E3 Portal through your browser or the new E3 App. We’ll go over what you can do and what is still to come!

Where is the portal?

Head to E3’s site and you’ll find the entrance. It is currently the third option over and only allowing viewers pre-register. Head there now to be ready for the 12th!


Make an Avatar

As you sign in, you will make an avatar. Like all gaming character creation, you will choose skin tone, hair, eye color, and facial hair. This avatar will represent you as you chat with new friends, visit booths, and climb the points leader boards. Here is the Geek Freaks avatar, we’ve named them Terry.

The Hub

You made it to your landing page. At the top you will see the places you can go to, we’ll discuss those later. You will also see the booths you follow. Letting you check in with your favorite developers. The next two sections are Happening Now and Recommended Clips. Both great options for those not sure where to go. On the left is your schedule, be sure to not miss those big shows. Below that are Active People. E3 is bustling with people checking out the booths with you. Lastly, on the top, you will find your profile, the leaderboard, and what’s trending.


A staple to any convention or expo are their booths. Visiting the companies we follow year round. Checking out the lastest and what’s coming up next! The Booth tab is the first on the list. Here you will find a list of every booth you can visit at E3. Developers like Capcom and Square Enix or journalist like IGN and GameSpot are present for you to visit.

Visit a Booth

Let’s take a look at the Capcom booth. You can follow a booth on the top. You will find some additional tabs that may be unique to each booth. Capcom has a Giveaway you can participate in. Blow that are the standard Booth tabs that include About Products, Events, Media, and Articles. About is simple enough and gives newcomers a quick summary of who they are. Products will show the company’s current games they have brought to the expo. As they announce a new game, you will see them added here. Capcom currently has Resident Evil Village, Monster Hunter Rise, Street Fighter, and more available to check out. Clicking a game give more details, screenshots, and videos. Explore your next favorite game here. The next is Events, where you can find when their presentation is. You can add the event to your schedule and E3 will notify you when it’s time to tune in. Media and Articles are next. They have the latest published by that developer. As for now, they are sparse but as the event kicks off, they will be hopping.

Hanging Out

Time to return to the homepage and click on the People tab. You can see a list of recommended people or search for everyone at the expo. Find someone and add them as friends. I found one of my favorite writers there, Jason Sheire of Bloomberg. Be sure to find me, Frank Lourence, there. I’ll “friends” you back!


Next is the events. This is where the action really happens. You will find the upcoming presentation from all developers here. Be sure to add the events you like to your schedule.

Chat With Others

The last two tabs are Forums and Friends. See you has friended you back and start a conversation. Or dive into the forums to discuss a hot topic from E3. These last two will keep you busy!

There is more to see at E3. We will bring you all the cool announcements and games over the next week!

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