Devious Eye Entertainment – Indie Spotlight

First up in our Indie Spotlight series is Devious Eye Entertainment. In the pre-E3 festivities, they have been trending near the top. They bring multiple games spanning an array of genres. A look into Devious Eye Entertainment’s studio, you learn quickly these are passionate gamers. Gamers that want to take that passion, and create new worlds.

We are a passionate studio guided by the basic principles of creating the most immersive forms of entertainment, powered by leading-edge technology and a creatively diverse team. We create entertaining experiences because we are excited about it, and about the concepts and ideas they each contain. We create games, music, and film because we love to!

Devious Eye Entertainment

Devious Eye Entertainment has teamed up with both Dreamfire Games and Before the Storm. These are teams that ask you to “join us on our journey through epic adventures, exciting worlds, and meaningful stories to create lasting memories.” Let’s take a look at some of the games Devious Eye Entertainment is bringing to E3!


Simply put, my kind of game! From Dreamfire Games, Archean is a beautiful RPG set in a bright open world. This already looks like an early AAA title and not indie. Shadows on the rocks, detail in the armor, and the sun rays catching your eye. It’s a gorgeous game.

Archean is a colorful and humorous third-person action role-playing game where you take on the role of Sai. You will adventure forth into a world that’s full of monsters to fight and towns to explore, all while searching for your lover to save them from mortal peril. Using your might and magic, you will travel far and visit many kingdoms to bring harmony to the lands that are stained with corruption.

Devious Eye Entertainment

Reverie Chapter One and Two

I am not one for horror games. Even the best of them I tend to avoid. Or play with all the light on. But if horror is your jam, check out Reverie Chapter One and Two from Before the Storm. Awoken Ch1 of Reverie takes place in the abandoned Mount Moira Hospital. A place of torture and experiments. You search dark hallways and empty rooms, but you are not alone.

In chapter 2, DoomsDay, you are one of few survivors in a post-pandemic world. You journey with six others and seek answers while struggling to survive. More info on chapter 2 in the future.


The last game from Devious Eye Entertainment we are going to cover today is Runner. A detective noir in a detailed city of new tech and old crime families. You play as Jack Tanner, a detective accused of killing your boss. Now you must solve the case while staying one step ahead of your pursuers. Runner mixes a stunning city environment with an engaging story.

Devious Eye Entertainment is bringing the heat to E3! Their games come from diverse teams wanting to share their stories. We at Geek Freaks are excited to see what they bring next! Keep up to date on their site.

You can catch Devious Eye Entertainment during the “Just Press Start” show on June 12th at 5pm EDT / 2pm PDT. We’ll be watching!

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