Sixth Hammer – Indie Spotlight

Today we are shining the spotlight on The Sixth Hammer team. This indie developer focuses on polish and AAA sound design. Their bringing a new 2D platformer called Moo Lander to E3 this year.

Moo Lander

You play a hero of your people on the hunt for a vital resource…milk. After a war left your planet milkless, you leave with your planet’s last ship. You’re searching for a mysterious device that produces endless milk. Alone in an alien world, you fight mighty cows trying to stop you. Sounds ridiculous, but you must see it in action:

The fast pace combat has you zooming around the screen, trying to dodge…cow bullets. You can upgrade your ship with six different abilities and two talent trees. Over 20 unique enemies dot five terrains. The environment has bright colors and gorgeous lighting. Character and cow abilities are detailed and stunning. Meanwhile, you are listening to hours of orchestral music. You can even bring in three more friends to take on the cow menace.

Sixth Hammer is offering a FREE demo on Steam. Be sure to add it to your wishlist while you’re there. Moo Lander is coming to Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam in Spring 2022.

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