GuliKit – Indie Spotlight

When events like E3 come around, we tend to focus on the big announcements. Whether it’s new information about a favorite franchise (Elder Scrolls 6 when?) or a fresh idea from a promising indie developer, these expos are about the games. A big part of gaming often forgotten after being dazzled by the latest trailer is the peripherals. PC gamers are familiar with searching for the perfect keyboard, a comfortable mouse, and a better quality headset without breaking the bank. There are endless arguments about wired vs. wireless. Are mechanical keyboards worth how loud they are? Should we set up a gofundme to get that one guy in Discord a decent headset? What about consoles, though? 

As an entirely PC gamer, I haven’t owned a console since I got rid of my trusty PS2. I remember when the joystick on one of my N64 controllers started going bad. Like everyone else, sometimes, one of the buttons on the Playstation controller would begin to stick. Nothing is more frustrating than having a button stop working when you’re trying to land that perfect combo. Even though console gaming has evolved through the years to more powerful systems and different generations of redesigned controllers, many of the same problems persist. Sometimes it feels like controllers are designed to break so that we have to replace them more often. 

GuliKit Button

One company at E3 aims to change the way controllers are built. Sure, Sony and Microsoft may make slight changes to their controller designs, but it doesn’t seem like controllers have changed much since the PSX. Nestled in the heart of China’s Silicon Valley, GuliKit has developed new button tech that boasts a lifespan 50 times longer than traditional controllers. Most controller buttons last an average of 1 million clicks before experiencing major problems. GuliKit promises a product that lasts 50 million clicks without giving up comfort or accuracy.

GuliKit Electromagnetic Sticks

The Shenzen-based company has also tackled the issue of joysticks losing performance over time. Controllers typically use a carbon film design that eventually gathers dust and liquids or simply breaks down over time. Taking a new approach, GuliKit has developed an electromagnetic stick that should eliminate stick drift. GuliKit already has a line of controllers for PC and the Nintendo Switch. The KingKong and KingKongPro offer a sturdy controller, while their Elves series is lightweight and portable, perfect for gamers on the go. GuliKit plans to start offering its new technology in the second half of this year without a huge price difference. 

If these new controllers live up to the promise of a significantly longer lifespan, long-time gamers know that the extra spent now will pay for itself in the future. GuliKit is throwing down the gauntlet, challenging the industry to build more innovative products. Only time will tell if these products live up to their claims, but we’re excited to find out.

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