Mythical Games – Indie Spotlight

Our final Indie Spotlight of E3 2021 is on Mythical Games. Indie titles have always been where industry-changing features are born. Mythical Games may have just created a new form of gaming income with their Blankos game.

Before we get into the new business model, let us talk about the game itself. You are playing in a series of minigames with your vinyl figure-like character. Compete with friends by platforming and racing around brightly colored maps. It’s the “quick fun” kind of game that exploded in popularity in 2020 with games like Fall Guys and Among Us. Players will be running around in their favorite skin, and that’s where Blankos stands apart.

Currently, a company makes its investment back from upfront sales, DLCs, or season passes. Mythical Games is adding the trendy NFT to the gaming market. When you buy a skin for your Blankos character, it is fully unique. It comes with a serial number and is attached to a cryptocurrency unit. Adding unique identity and limited supplies takes the simple change of colors to a true asset. You now own that skin, not just a license. You can then upgrade the skin and even trade it through their marketplace. Gaming and collector united!

What Mythical Games is pioneering here can pave the way for the industry. Games like Fortnite, Overwatch, and Warzone could use this same model and offer NFT skins. The stigma of “wasting” money on cosmetics would be laid aside. Your skin becomes digital art for which you own the rights. It can then be resold or collected. Keep an eye on Mythical Games. They may be the next gaming tentpole.

Check out the full Mythical Games E3 presentation below:

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