Thanos Returns to Fortnite Island

The Mad Titan returns! Thanos is coming back to Fortnite Island after his original introduction three years ago. Previously players become Thanos for a short burst of overpowered madness. Now, players can become Thanos permanently.

The Thanos Cup starts on the 21st. Duos teams can climb their way through the brackets and win a Thanos skin and Infinity Gauntlet back charm. Those that put up a valiant effort but fall short are awarded a Thanos spray.

The rest of us “average” players can pick up the Thanos skin and Infinity Gauntlet back charm from the item shop on the 26th. Grab plenty of V-bucks because Thanos is likely the first in a string of Marvel-themed skins. Black Widow is on the horizon, the Batman event is coming to a close, and a leaked Loki skin should be here soon. Check out the sneaky Loki found by HypeX:

We’ll be streaming Fortnite later this week! Come hang out with us on the Geek Freaks Stream on Thursday.

Source: Marvel

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