Windows 11 Made for Gamers?

A new Windows generation is dawning, and gamers are getting some love. Gamers remember some generations with fondness like Windows 7 or discontent like Windows Vista. The most important thing a Windows generation needs to do is not get in the way. Gamers would be happy if they didn’t notice the operating system at all. With Windows 11, Microsoft looks to do that and a bit more.

Bring on the Colors

The first gamer-friendly feature we are getting is AutoHDR. HDR is the next level in TV “stats.” Any TV salesmen will tell you that 4k makes less of a difference than HDR. Windows is bringing HDR’s dynamic colors to your PC games. It will take any game and automatically make colors more vibrant. They used Skyrim as the example, and the improvement was obvious. This is a smart upgrade to PC gaming.

Series X Speed

One of the biggest changes we will see is Direct Storage. This tech comes directly from the Xbox Series X. Your games can go straight from storage to the GPU without the CPU doing any work. Games will load much faster with this change. We will likely see this transition slowly as it is such a fundamental change to PC gaming.

Microsoft boasts Game Pass will be built into Windows 11 just like the Xbox. As far as we can tell now, it looks like the Xbox app. It looks to be the same as Windows 10, but it may be natively installed. That would make it easier to use for new players.

Hello Android!

My favorite change is the introduction of Andriod Apps. Two reasons I’m hyped: mobile gaming made easy and social media in one place. Hardcore mobile players will often download an emulator, like Bluestack, to play mobile games on the PC. Running the emulator takes a lot of your computer’s power and does not have the support of Microsoft native programs. Now gamers can just download the app directly to their PC and utilize the PC’s power for the game and not the emulator. Social media moguls know some apps like Instagram and Tik Tok are mobile-only. There are workarounds but they are not convenient. Now you can make an all-star post with Photoshop and upload it to your social sites directly. I’ll use this every day!

It’s too early to tell if Windows 11 will be better than Windows 10, but it’s making some very good moves. Gamers are finally getting the attention on Windows they deserve!

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