CS:GO Loses 17% of Players in June

The eSports juggernaut has stumbles following recent changes. CS:GO has lost 17% of average players in June. This comes on the heels of a new $15 entry fee to their Prime Matchmaking. The change was implemented to decrease the number of “cheater” that used bots to grind their way in. Players would have a bot play repetitive games until they unlocked the Prime Matchmaking tiers. Now, you must buy your way in. Hardcore CS:GO players were happy with the move. For others, it was the last straw as they moved onto competitors like Valorant and Apex Legends. As time goes on, we will see if SC:GO becomes a healthier game with the new premium tier.

We’ll discuss this further on our next Monday podcast!

Source: Dot eSports, SteamCharts

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