New Switch Announced

Nintendo has revealed a new Switch, but fans are already disappointed. The OLED Switch comes with some nice features while missing a few much-needed upgrades to keep up in the gaming industry.

The new Switch comes with a 7 inch OLED screen. This new screen will be sharper than the current LCD screen. The new onboard speakers are loud and clear. A big upgrade from the current Switch’s lackluster speakers. It may seem minor, but the new wider kickstand was almost required. Many (including myself) have boughten after-market stands to hold the Switch up.

The upgrades are nice but what the OLED Switch is missing is stealing the spotlight. We still don’t have 4K. This feels like a basic feature at this point, but the Switch will still only have 720p. We are also not getting any more power. Same chipset keeping games limited. The next Zelda looked like a great game to launch an upgraded Switch. But we now know it will be the same size as Breath of the Wild. In a game with so many limitations, forcing bugs is standard play for speedrunners.

If you want to grab the OLED Switch, they are releasing on October 8th for $350!

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