Zelda Hacker Arrested in Japan

A hacker selling corrupted saves of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was arrested this week in Japan. Ichimin Sho of Tokyo was captured by Niigata police on July 8th. He was selling save copies of Zelda that had hundreds of cheats and duplicated items. In his advertisements, he called these “the ultimate save data.” He later told police he made over 10 million yen, approximately $90k USD. Each copy sold for 3,500 yen ($32 USD).

This is just the latest arrest in a new concerted effort by Japan to limit the selling of modified copyrighted items. Japan passed the Unfair Competition Prevention Act two years ago that set up laws to protect tech companies from these situations. In February, they also arrested a 23-year old man for doing a similar business with Pokemon Sword and Shield.

We do not know yet what the sentence will be handed down to Sho, but will keep you updated as the story progresses.

Sources: Soranews24, NintendoLife, Broadcasting System of Niigata, Meti, Dexerto

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