You Can Be Invincible in Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 developer, Double Fine, revealed on Twitter that the upcoming game will have an “invincibility toggle.” A player can flip the toggle to make the game as easy as possible. Double Fine further exclaimed that “All people should be able to enjoy games.”

This level of inclusion is common for Xbox companies. They pioneer the gaming industry in accessibility controllers that allow anyone to play their games. An invincibility toggle would have a similar effect. Even if a player is not able to react quickly enough, they can still experience the story. Infinite lives and harmless threats let them keep moving through Psychonauts 2’s colorful levels.

Some players argue this cheapens the game. They see their accomplishments are less valuable if they can be achieved by another player with far less “effort.” I disagree. A gamer often tells stories to fellow gamers about their accomplishments. We boast of the time we beat a boss with no ammo or got a super rare item. These accolades apply to difficulty as well. We already brag about beating Halo on Legendary, and that takes nothing away from someone enjoying the story through easy mode. In the end, we are all enjoying the same games and supporting the industry. The more that want to join in, the better.

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