Netflix Is Coming to the Gaming World

According to a new Bloomberg report, Netflix will bring video games to their subscription service as early as next year. Games will be their own category and included with your normal subscription.

Netflix hired Oculus and EA’s Mike Verdu to head up game development. Verdu is familiar with similar projects; previously bringing games to Oculus. Verdu also developed the acclaimed Command and Conquer 3 in 2008.

Mike Verdu (LA Times)

Netflix is not necessarily new to gaming. They have the Stranger Things games out on PC, PS4, and Switch. A pixel-sprite RPG that brings you back to Hawkins, Indiana. Netflix also brought Minecraft: Story Mode to their service in 2018. It fits well with the simple decision-based gameplay. Netflix can expand with these “lighter” games with their current tools, but they may have some bigger things in store.

Leaker Steve Moser has found some hints to a Sony and Netflix partnership. It would give players access to PlayStation titles and the use of the PS5 controller. Giving new players access to the exclusive PlayStation titles will be huge for Netflix. The games would stream much like Google’s Stadia and Xbox’s Project xCloud. PlayStation could reach a more casual audience, and Netflix can be a second home to the hottest titles.

There is a lot of speculation here. But where there is smoke, there is fire. We could be on the verge of a new gaming powerhouse. Netflix has the money, power, and ambition. And they are here to play!

Source: Bloomberg

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