GR-8: A Space Comic for Parents and Kids – Comic Review

This week we got our hand on a new space-based adventure, GR-8. This comic follows two 10-years-old kids growing up on a spaceship. Cal and Red find themselves in sticky situations, but come out on top when they work together and find new friends. GR-8 is a fun, light space adventure for all ages.

Cal is the son of two vital GR-8 crew members. He’s an average 10-year-old in that he can’t stand still and just wants to explore. He often shirks his studies to find a little trouble. Red is an orphan, saved by GR-8 after a humanitarian mission. He is a rhino-like species called Mesuit (a nod to the publisher Red Rhino Comics). Red’s species are tech-savvy, but Red is still fresh to the field. The two work together well, with Cal being the adventure and Red the level-headed one. The kids are joined by new friends along the way. Like a super-soldier trying to protect the ship and a fugitive space cowboy.

GR-8 makes for a fascinating setting. It is both a humanitarian and military ship, exploring the cosmos for the Union. Aboard is an array of species, all with unique duties. With this dense population, comes the normal society’s woes. Corruption, betrayal, and struggle are on full display. These stories are told in tandem with the fun and heartwarming tale of two friends. GR-8 will also take us to many planets that run the gambit of Sci-Fi. In the first five issues, we see cowboy-themed, jungle-themed, and city-covered planets. The possibilities are truly endless with this franchise.

I recommend this comic as a parent-child read. It feels like “Saga”, but family friendly. The bright and colorful art will keep the kids entertained. The back story and subtle plots will have the parents hooked. It’s hard to find a comic everyone can enjoy together. GR-8 is your next family read!

Check out GR-8 on ComiXology HERE!

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