Final Fantasy XVI Using Japanese and English Face Capture

Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida, recently joined the Washanaga show to reveal additional information. The info that’s making a splash is Final Fantasy’s new face capturing.

FFXVI will be employing face capturing for dialogue scenes. A common practice in current gaming. FF is new to this, as Final Fantasy VII Remake used CGI-created faces. Even more impressive, Square Enix is using both Japanese and English actors. Normally, the game would be made for the Japanese audience, then translated for the west. But this duel production shows Final Fantasy is so globally beloved it can break the norms.

Not surprised with Square Enix’s move here. The brand is thriving with the latest migration of players from World of Warcraft to Final Fantasy XIV. This is the time to lock in the American audience. Check out this teaser if you need any additional hype!

Special shout out to for catching this story and DualShocker for translating the Washanaga show.

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