Top 5 Cartoon Dads Part 1

*This is part of our “Geek Freaks: Happy Campers” series. We will be posting news again starting August 16th once the team is back in the office.

Today we have our Top 5 Cartoon Dads. A “zany” family is a classic in animation. From Fred in the Flinstones to Peter from Family Guy, the dad has been a reliable source for laughs. For this list, we are only using dads from adult animated series. Part 2 will cover shows intended for a younger audience. Here are our Top 5 Cartoon Dads Part 1.

5. Frank Murphy – ‘F is for Family’

4. King Zod – ‘Disenchanted’

3. Hank Hill – ‘King of the Hill’

2. Homer Simpsons – ‘The Simpsons’

1. Bob Belcher – ‘Bob’s Burgers’

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