Saints Row is Getting a Reboot

The first reveal from Gamescom 2021 is here; Saints Row is getting a reboot. Gamescom and Game Awards’ Geoff Keighley tweeted out a short clip. It shows graffiti of the word “reboot” with a Saints logo next to it. The Saints are the protagonist’s gang in the Saints Row franchise.

Saints Row could use a reboot. The series has always been considered a Grand Theft Auto that didn’t take itself seriously. But in recent installments, the story has gone WAY off the rails. You become president, fight aliens, and even battle your way through hell. Hard to expand on that. A reboot can bring the franchise back to the first two installments. A gang trying to take over the city and drive out the competition. They can still keep things light, as is their signature, but keep the game grounded. At least keep it on Earth.

We will be covering all the Gamescom announcements here and on our podcast!

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