Splitgate Extends Its Beta Indefinitely

Splitgate has been on fire since its beta release in July, and now developer 1047 Games has decided to change course. CEO Ian Proulx explains that Splitgate will stay in beta for the “foreseeable future” as the company focuses on needed improvements.

The explosion in popularity had Splitgate servers full and players sitting in hour-long queues. 1047 Games quickly raised an additional $10 million and improved servers. In a recent patch, capacity was raised to 175,000 players. Also included in the recent patch was 2v2 ranked play and requested bug fixes. While game improvements were required, did it merit an indefinite release?

Proulx further explained in his press release Splitgate has more improvements to come, a major patch planned for next year, and an exciting announcement for next week’s Gamescom. Keeping the game in beta allows the devs to add major changes often without many complaints from the fan base. Many other franchises are doing this as well. They stay in beta for years developing a full game and selling most of its lifetime sales along the way. As it sells copies, it can afford more updates. Eventually, the game will reach its earning cap or be complete enough, then released.

Some players are not happy with this model, but often the games are cheaper or free during this phase. Minecraft was in beta for a couple of years, once released the price went up. There is also a level of community engagement evolved in development. Players feel more invested as their input directly changes game development. Satisfactory fans request new features, and Coffe Stain delivers. In return, the anxious fans feed off everything they release. It’s the beta model done right. Splitgate is still very fresh, so we’ll see if 1047 Games can treat their new fans with the same level of respect.

Do you feel like games should have long open betas or limited closed betas? Let us know on our socials.

Sources: Press Release, Illinois News Today, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Splitgate

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