DC Fandome Returns this October

DC Comics announced today the return of DC Fandome, a two-day event revealing what is next for the company, is returning October 16th. Last year Fandome had trailers, comic book announcements, casting news, and much more. We can expect the same from Fandome 2021. DC has already released a few teasers of what to expect. 

New Trailer for The Batman

Robert Pattison’s The Batman will show off a new trailer. Production has been slow with multiple COVID delays. Principle filming is now complete, and they are wrapping up the finishing touches. The Batman is scheduled to release in March 2022!

First Trailer for The Flash

DC is making a film for the greatest Flash story in comics, Flashpoint. Flash goes back in time in an attempt to save his mom. Unfortunately, he alters all of reality in the process. In the comics, Flash meets Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father, who dons the Batman title. In the film, he will meet 1989’s Batman, Micheal Keaton. Our first trailer will hopefully show what Keaton looks like as a veteran Batman. 

Teasers for Black Adam and Aquaman: and the Lost Kingdom

Likely not getting any footage for either film. But we could get a look at the set and costumes. There are so many details in today’s comic book movies, that just a still can reveal a story. 

Info on upcoming DC seasons

All of the Arrowverse, HBOverse (new name), and of course Harley Quinn all have content on the docket. We could get a look at what direction these shows are headed next. 

DC/WB Game Trailers

We expect to see new trailers for Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. There is even a rumored new Injustice on the horizon. If announced, it may steal the show. 

Comic Reveals

DC recently went through another soft reboot. It combined all the past iterations of our heroes and added some fresh ones. We may see some additional Future State titles or Milestone Comics getting full series. Personally, I want more DC Black Label stories. Those never disappoint. 

DC Fandome was a virtual convention created after COVID closed all other comic-con. While other virtual events floundered, Fandome thrived. DC laid the blueprint on how to do a virtual convention properly. Now that they have adopted Fandome as a new recurring event, I’m excited to see how DC expands the event. We will cover every major announcement here, on the podcast, and on our social media. Hope you all join us!

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