Two Hour Game Leads to Return Policy Debate

Emika Games

Steam’s return policy has long been a staple of the platform. Simply put, if you play for under two hours, you can return the game. Rarely has the policy had any issues until now.

Developer Alexander Reshetnikov of Emika Games is calling it quit after their recent game, “Summer of ’58,” became the subject of a mountain of returns. The trick is, the game was not bad, just short. Players are beating the game in under two hours, then returning it.

Alexander released a statement explaining the situation, and they’re “leaving game development for an indefinite time to collect my thoughts.”

The industry and gamers took notice. Many players rushed to Steam and purchased the game to show support. Alexander then expressed their gratitude with another statement on Twitter.

Of course, the internet trolls jumped on. They began to berate Emika Games, believing the original statement was a scam to get sympathetic customers. Alexander even claims some are purchasing the game, only to leave negative reviews.

The situation has become a mess. But it has sparked a new debate in the gaming world. One side claims players should not be warranted a return if they complete the game. The other size claims that the game was too short for the $10 price tag, and they should get their money back. An argument can be made for both sides. Both agree that game length should be added to the Steam description.

We will discuss this further on the next Geek Freaks News, releasing every Monday.

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