Runescape is Going HD

Old School Runescape is getting an HD upgrade after a community campaign. Developer Jagex received criticism from players after they forced a modder, 117scape, to close their HD mod.

The mod upgraded the classic game to high definition, and better took advantage of today’s monitors. Jagex forced the mod to close one day before its official launch. The fans took to social media and the forums to a reversal of Jagex’s decision.

“We hear your feedback loud and clear and we’ve been discussing that feedback all day and, while discussions continue, we absolutely intend to act on it.” – Jagex forum post

Jagex announced they would begin to work with both 117scape and original Runelite creator Adam1210 to create a solution. After three days the group came to an agreement. The next patch, coming this week, would incorporate the mod while the team worked on making an official HD version of the game.

This once again shows a good company and dedicated fanbase can work together in the gaming industry.

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