Apple vs Epic: Lose, Lose

This is a summary and response to The Verge’s “Apple and Epic Both Lost Today.” Please take a moment to read their article written by Sean Hollister. 

The dust has settled, and the results are here. Apple and Epic have been in court fighting for Fortnite on the iPhone. Mudslinging and shenanigans are used on all fronts. But at the end of the long battle, who won?

Short answer: no one. 

Epic will not be able to put Fortnite back on the Appstore. This is because they breached their contract with Apple when they initially offered out of app purchases. At that point, Apple removed its developer permissions. The ruling is a massive hit for Epic as they have lost revenue from all iPhone users. They also have to pay Apple for the money they made during their off-app stunt. The courts say they owe Apple 30% percent, or $3.6 million. But Epic claimed from the start that they were doing this for all developers. And if that’s true, they succeeded. 

Apple will no longer be able to force developers to use the Appstore check out. Normally purchases made in the app must be purchased through Apple. Apple takes a 30% cut for its services. Now an app can offer purchases out of the app. This could cost the company billions in the future. 

Epic failed in their lawsuit but Apple has taken massive damage. Neither side won. But some may come out ahead. 

Other developers can make more money than normally through app purchases. They will no longer need to pay Apple its 30%. Also, users will likely see more apps and games come to the store as Apple’s reins are loosened. Some games are only available on other phones due to Apple’s cut. This new precedent opens the gates for some developers. Giving players access to more apps. 

This long battle is over, and there is still much to discuss. Join us on the next Geek Freaks News where we break down all the details.

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