D&D Musical Coming Next Week

D&D Celebration 2021 is only a week away, and Wizards of the Coast just announced a musical. WotC’s Musical, The Circus of Sound, is the first official musical for Dungeons and Dragons. It will be live-streamed on the second day of the celebration, September 25th, at 4 pm PST. We can expect the story to involve The Wild Beyond The Wichlight campaign, an upcoming book involving a circus.

Also at D&D Celebration 2021 is a campaign played by the cast of Star Trek Discover. Expect many panels for both vets and newcomers, like “My First Character” and “Ask the Sage Live.” We will also get additional details on future books. The event is from Sept 23rd to Sept 26th!

We will cover everything announced on Geek Freaks News and here on GeekFreaksPodcast.com

Sources: Screenrant, DNDCelebration.com

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