N64 Coming to the Switch?

Fans are going wild as speculation of N64 games coming to the Nintendo Switch. The buzz is sparked by a confidential patent submitted by Nintendo for a new controller. “Leakers” have confirmed N64’s arrival sighting their insider sources.

The patent is blocked out to hide the design with a 180 day (6 months) confidence hold. Few details are available but we know it has a USB port based on submitted power tests. It also has the controller model code, HAC, confirming it will be a Switch controller.

We had an emulator datamined from a Switch update last year. Emulators are the programs that run the game as if it was using the N64 console. Fans are also pointing at a possible release date, September 29th. That is the 25th anniversary of N64’s launch. It would be odd for a controller to release 6-months later than the emulator’s release. Some are even reporting a raised price for Nintendo Online to access both N64 and the rumored Game Boy games.

If N64 is coming to the Switch, what games do you want to revisit?

Sources: VGC, Nintendo Life, EuroGamer, Kotaku

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