Geek Freaks’ 3 Tik Tok Channels!

Geek Freaks has a Tik Tok channel! Not just one… but three channels!

Geek Freaks Podcast Channel

Our primary channel has been around for a year but is now fully utilized. This is where you will find the latest geek news throughout the week. The new breaks are typically under a minute and give you the headlines and immediate reactions. Every Wednesday we show you what comics are released. These posts are a quick slide show that lets you know what you need to pick up. Lastly, we have duels every Saturday. These are classic “Who would win in a fight” scenarios that you can vote on!

Geek Freaks Game Trailers

New game trailers release every day. From indie to AAA, we will post them all here. Keep up on what games are on the horizon!

Geek Freaks TV/Movie Trailers

This channel is a hub for all those outstanding movies and TV trailers we love to discuss. This will be specifically useful for events like DC Fandome and Netflix’s TUDUM when multiple trailers are released. They will be right here!

All our channels will also be available on our homepage later this week. We love to engage with fellow geeks. If you have any additional content you want, let us know!

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