RUMOR: Daredevil Coming to Disney+

The internet is abuzz this week with new rumors of Daredevil’s return. Daredevil, Punisher, and Disney+ all trend after Knight’s Edge Media reported the possible return. They claim Disney is considering a soft reboot for the franchise on Disney+. But it is very important to remember these are only rumors from one source. That being said, let’s talk about what gets us here.

Disney regained the rights to Daredevil in 2020 and can now use the Hell’s Kitchen hero in any medium. We already have substantial rumors that Matt Murdock will be in Spider-Man: No Way Home. We also expect Kingpin in the new Hawkeye series. Lastly, Jessica Jones is rumored to join the She-Hulk series. This intertwining of the Netflix-Marvel universe into modern MCU would introduce a new fan base to Netflix’s more adult series. The rumors state Daredevil would be a soft reboot, likely to iron out some of the faults of the series. We will likely see Daredevil use his costume again. He abandoned the suit in season 3.

These rumors are just that, rumors. More fan requests than confirmed. Once we hear from Marvel or credible sources, we can start planning out Daredevil’s MCU future.

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