Fortnite Shuts Down in China

Fortnite is closing up shop in China on November 15th. Fortnite (called Fortress Night in the country) was on a trial run but ends its presence this month. As of November 1st, no new accounts can be created and on the 15th, the game will fully shut down. The Chinese version of Fortnite was significantly different from the standard version. It did not have in-game purchases, skulls (banned from all games), and limited players to 90 minutes by turning off XP.

The closure of Fortnite coincides with China’s recent attack on gaming. They have been limiting gaming more and more over the past few months. Additional details are below. PUBG is also likely leaving. The country has not approved any new games after a meeting with NetEase and Tencent in September. Citizens have protested the move, but changes are unlikely for the foreseeable future.

We will further discuss this on the next Geek Freaks News:

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