Xbox Has a Big Anniversary

Today is Xbox and Halo’s 20th anniversary. To celebrate, Microsoft hosted a thirty-minute event with announcements and a look back at the Xbox legacy.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer is LIVE

It was a rumor turned reality with the big reveal, Halo Infinite Multiplayer was released early. Halo Infinite is releasing December 8th, but you can download and play the multiplayer now on Steam and Xbox app. All progress made will continue when the full game is released. Get out there Spartans!

Halo TV Series

The long-awaited Halo series is finally on the horizon. Halo will release on Paramount+ in 2022. Here is the first teaser, released today.

Xbox Doc

Xbox revealed a 6-part documentary coming this December going over the history of the storied company. From a wild idea to an industry juggernaut. We will see how a group of ambitious Microsoft employees pushed until their dream became reality. Here is the trailer for Power On: The Story of Xbox.

More Backwards Compatibility

Xbox is adding over 70 additional titles to their Backwards Compatibility library. This includes such fan favorites as Skate, Time Splitters, and Max Payne.

Xbox Vault

Lastly, there is the Xbox Vault. A virtual museum showcasing memorabilia from the last 20 years of Xbox.

Check out the entire Xbox Anniversary event here:

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