Top 5 Thanksgiving Movies

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! As we gather with family, we seek a way to bond. Nothing beats gathering on the couch with full bellies and watching some heartfelt classic films. Here are our Top 5 Thanksgiving Movies. 

Grumpy Old Men

Legends Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau unite once more to tell the story of two old rivals competing for Ann-Marget’s affection. Grumpy Old Men is full of hijinx and “grandpa jokes” that will have every generation laughing. 

Jingle All the Way

Yes, this is technically a Christmas movie, but let’s be honest, for many, Thanksgiving is the start of the Christmas shopping season. Jingle All the Way sees Arnold Schwartenager running around Minneapolis in search of the year’s hottest toy, Turbo Man. Simbad joins in the hunt, leaving a trail of destruction and mayhem behind the two. Believe it or not, Jingle All the Way is a movie about a bygone era. The father bounces around from store to store, similar to Black Friday madness. Today, we have become accustomed to shopping online. Although, with this year’s supply shortage, the hunt for Turbo Man may seem familiar for some anxious parents. 

Addams Family Values

If your family is in for a touch of the macabre, check out Addams Family Values. Uncle Fester is tricked into kicking the rest of the Addams Family out of the house by his new wife. The family has to unite and find comfort within each other to carry on and regain their home. The film also has one of the most iconic Thanksgiving ever, a camp play. Check out this play-gone-wrong below. 

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

The Peanuts gang is back at it! Truth be told, this actually has the most iconic scene, Lucy pulling the football at the last minute from Charlie Brown (third animated appearance of the gag). In this story, Charlie hosts a second Thanksgiving for all his friends. Possibly the first Friendsgiving? A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving shows the love we have for our chosen family. Be sure to gather the kids for this Thanksgiving classic!

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is required viewing at my Thanksgiving. Steve Martin and the beloved John Candy are on the road trying to reach Chicago by Thanksgiving. Martin strives to see his family while Candy creates and solves problems along the way. The pair start as poplar opposites but along the bumpy road, become friends. An abundance of heart and humor makes Planes, Trains, and Automobiles the best Thanksgiving movie. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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