Geek Gift Guide

Time is running out to grab those Christmas gifts! If you need some ideas for the geek in your life, we got you covered.


By nature, geeks are nostalgic. Grab your loved one a Tamagotchi. These 90s classics a back with both newer models and retro models. It’s also quite affordable at nearly $25.

Custom View Finder

Time is running out, but a custom viewfinder can be finished in time. Fill it with pictures of fun times you shared. You can even get crafty with photoshopped images of your friend in famous films like Star Wars.

Lego Helmets

These are quickly rising in popularity. They mix both the fun of Legos and collectible statues. They run around $50 and can be picked up at you local Walmart or Target.

Funko Pop

It’s likely the geek in your life already collects Pops, and would love some new ones for their shelves. Pick up a Pop for their favorite shows to games. Pops have been approved for a wide variety of franchises. You should be able to find the right Pop for you.

Table Top Games

Everyone is excited to start hanging out again. Table top games are a fun way to reunite with friends. You can grab a classic like Catan or Cards Against Humanity or a specialty game like Game of Thrones Risk.

Join us on the latest Geek Freaks Podcast where we discuss even more Geek gifts!

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