Deathloop is Headed to Xbox Game Pass

The once PS5 exclusive, Deathloop, is now heading to Xbox Game Pass on September 20th. The rogue-lite is also releasing a new content update called The Goldenloop, including an extended ending, new abilities, and some secrets.

Here is a list of the new content from Kotaku:

  • Fugue: ability with four upgrades that intoxicates enemies, rendering them temporarily harmless
  • HALPS Prototype: a rifle that fires a continuous laser beam that can ricochet off security cameras and turrets
  • Paint-Bomber: an enemy that straps explosive pigment to itself and charges at you before detonating
  • Masquerade upgrades: Julianna’s default ability now has four upgrades that do things like let her swap identities with more targets and automatically tag Colt when a copy is killed
  • 2-in-1 trinkets: 19 new trinkets sport dual bonuses, letting you equip double the number of enhancements
  • Extended ending: the devs are teasing some new secrets alongside an expanded conclusion to the story

Deathloop and The Goldenloop update will be available on September 20th on Game Pass and PS Plus Extra.

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