The Pirates Are Hard at Work: Bruckheimer Gives Updates on the Franchise

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has said that plans for Johnny Depp’s possible return as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 are still being developed. In an interview with AP Entertainment, Bruckheimer said that “we’re still working on it” and that “nothing’s definitive yet,” but that the team was “continuing to take little baby steps” towards writing a screenplay. Depp has previously said that “nothing on this earth” would convince him to return to the role. Bruckheimer also discussed plans for a female-led spinoff of the franchise starring Margot Robbie, saying that the script for the film “will come forward at a certain point” but that the team is currently working on another Pirates of the Caribbean film first. There is no confirmed release date for either Pirates of the Caribbean 6 or the spinoff.

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