Xbox Developer Direct Brings New Games and Updates

The latest Xbox event was short and sweet. Much like a Nintendo event, Xbox’s Developer Direct shared games that are coming out relatively soon, one being released today. A new development is having the developers present their own games. This gave the show a much more honest and grounded feel than a typical game reveals event. Below are the new trailer and game release dates.

The Recap

Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends is coming on April 18th. The trailer showed off some gameplay including base building and PVP.

The Elderscrolls Online – Necrom

We are headed back to Morrowind! ESO is also getting a new class, Arcanist. This new chapter will focus on the Dark Elves and cosmic horror. I look forward to this new chapter! If you need to catch up, the past 20 chapters are now FREE to try now! Nercron is coming on June 5th for PC and June 20th for consoles.

Forza Motorsports

Studio 10 showed off some of the stunning new cars and tracks coming in the next installment. Forza Motorsports is bringing back 15 classic tracks and five new ones. We are also getting a whopping 500 cars! The new chapter of Forza is coming later 2023.


This rhyme-based combat game looks fast-paced and colorful. Best of all, it releases today! Check it out now!


Redfall’s release date is confirmed for May 2nd. This is a co-op shooter similar to Left 4 Dead. We look forward to getting our hands on this one.

Here is the entire show if you want to catch it all

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